What they're saying...

The quality of the data in Redesigning Work is based on very comprehensive polling of working Canadians and is of the highest accuracy. The authors’ intellectual grasp of the evolving Canadian workplace is broad and sophisticated.

Frank Koller
Economics journalist and former foreign correspondent, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Graham Lowe and Frank Graves are to be commended for their tone and writing style in Redesigning Work. Their work is highly relevant and draws balanced claims and conclusions for reform based on evidence and not ideology.

Professor Rafael Gomez
Director, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, University of Toronto.

Redesigning Work is an original and timely work that addresses a very important set of problems. It is well written and offers unique data on Canadian workers.

Professor Ruthanne Huising
Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Redesigning Work is an original, provocative, and timely book describing Canadians’ views on how to design a better world of work, from two of Canada’s most original thinkers on the important social trends that will determine this country’s future.

Cam Mustard
ScD, President & Senior Scientis, Institute for Work & Health

Redesigning Work is a thought-provoking, must-read for HR professionals, line managers and organizational leaders. The authors draw on two decades of rich survey data to produce a guide full of original insights on how to change jobs and workplaces, grounded in a profound understanding of work in 21st century Canada. Readers will find the blueprint and 16-point action plan for individual and collective performance improvement filled with helpful, practical advice. Highly recommended!

Dr. Michael Bloom
Vice-President, Industry and Business Strategy, The Conference Board of Canada

Redesigning Work is the product of a genuine dream-team: one of Canada’s leading labour market theorists, partnered with one of Canada’s leading public opinion researchers. Together Lowe and Graves have compiled a treasure trove of hard data documenting the worrisome erosion of inclusive prosperity and the ‘middle class’ dream. More importantly, their analysis points to pragmatic, hopeful strategies for improving jobs and enriching the world of work.

Jim Stanford
Harold Innis Industry Professor of Economics, McMaster University

Redesigning Work is a data-rich analysis of the state of Canada’s workers  nd their job market. Even better, it offers relevant prescriptions to improve the well-being of workers and workplace environments, and thus increase our national prosperity. This is an important book for employers, workers and policy-makers alike.

Honourable John P. Manley
President, Business Council of Canada