Redesigning Work describes a better working future for Canadians.

Using original public opinion research, the book shows that many Canadians see a future of declining living standards, a besieged middle-class, arrested economic progress, and a reduced quality of life. The book counters these negative trends, arguing that improvements in peoples’ jobs and workplaces can raise the quality of life by unlocking previously untapped potential to strengthen the Canadian economy.

Redesigning Work provides a catalyst for action by employers, policy makers, workers, HR professionals, NGOs and others in a position to influence the future of work. The book’s blueprint for creating better jobs and workplaces reflects what Canadians say they want, based on extensive surveys by EKOS Research Associates conducted before and after the Great Recession.

What’s been missing from the recent media commentary and expert analysis of how to kick-start the economy and increase opportunities to achieve a middle-class living standard is a focus on people’s daily work. Redesigning Work fills this gap, offering constructive insights on how changes in work can lead to improvements in well-being and prosperity.

Based on the extensive feedback from thousands of Canadian workers, the authors identify numerous practical ways that existing jobs can be made more motivating, rewarding and productive. The book’s evidence paints an optimistic picture of the future of work, especially if employers and governments have the will to implement small changes in work that have the potential to make a big difference in Canadian’s quality of work life and job performance.