Meet the book’s authors.

Graham Lowe and Frank Graves are two of Canada’s leading experts on work and public opinion. In Redesigning Work the authors provide a blueprint for the future of work in Canada by identifying practical ways to make work more motivating, rewarding and productive.

The authors provide fuel for employers, workers, policy makers, HR professionals, and NGOs to combat the negative trends many Canadians associate with their future economic prospects.


Photo July 2016 F Graves

Frank Graves

Frank is one of Canada’s leading public opinion, social policy and public policy experts as well as being one of its leading applied social researchers.

During his career, Frank has directed hundreds of large scale studies of Canadian attitudes to a vast array of issues. He has conducted several major evaluations and has been studying changes in Canadian workplaces for the past twenty years.



Graham ProfileGraham Lowe

Graham is president of The Graham Lowe Group Inc., a workplace consulting and research firm ( He also is a professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, where he had a distinguished academic career.

Graham has three decades of organizational, labour market, and employment policy consulting experience. He has advised numerous employers in a wide range of industries on how to create healthier and more productive workplaces.