A Blueprint For The Future Of Work

Canada’s future prosperity and quality of life depends on designing better jobs and workplaces. Redesigning Work provides a blueprint for the future of work, based on extensive surveys of Canadians that identify practical ways to make work more motivating, rewarding and productive.

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Shared progress through smarter workplaces

“It is at the micro level of the economy, in peoples’ jobs and workplaces, that an innovation agenda can take root.” “Indeed, there’s mounting evidence that the era of shared prosperity and middle class growth has, in a word, ended. Yet digging deeper into Canadians’ work experiences and expectations, we find positive indications that we

Happy Workers Contribute to Canada’s Prosperity and Well-being

The remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan used to elicit chuckles from outsiders for striving to improve its gross national happiness. Bhutan was unique because it measured progress by the happiness of its citizens rather than its economy’s gross domestic product (GDP). It’s now clear that Bhutan was ahead of the curve in pursuing this goal.